Monday, March 13, 2017

A miracle

Salam to all..

At last i decide to post something on my blog since hibernating for many years. Not because i don't want to but i don't like spending hours in front of laptop. My eyes are quite sensitive..huhu.

anyway, i changed my blog title . Truly Miracle. Nice isn't it? If I might tell you, i just want to have something new in my blog as I didn't update  quite long time in my blog..

Ok lah, at least my blog is not as dull as before. right?In life,  we should improve ourselves time to time kan. So that we can progress.yeah..cliche je
So now, what am i supposed to tell you?hmm..Honestly, I am not the person who is talkative like a parrot. Unlike others who will talk easily, continuously and endlessly. I am the preservative type. Is that a correct word to describe?

Talking about talkative, I do remember one person i met accidentally, She was quite elderly la. She likes to talk very much. Imagine from the early morning , from the moment i was there with her, until the clinic close (well, i might be exagerrating. It just until she finished her appointment with doctor) she kept talking and talking . The thing is that, she was just repeating the same stories. She just talked everything that  came out from her mouth. As a young person (well, not so young), I understand her as much as every woman alike .
As for me, the one who is talkative is the one who is friendly. Yes. She was a friendly woman. She greeted everyone at the appointment waiting area (She just greet women). More so, the waiting time for each person to be called by doctor roughly about 4 hours. How can a  person  sit still, right? Plus, the person is a friendly and talkative. So, the long waiting time doubles the talkativeness. haha.  If everybody at that place was like her, the clinic will turn a night market (just kidding hehe).

Well, i don't mean to badmouth her. But i'm telling this because i want to tell you this. Sometimes, TALKATIVENESS can become a REMEDY. I'm sure that everybody doesn't like waiting. Am I right?.Everybody has his/her  unique defence mechanism. So, when we are feeling  tension, we will try to react. It is like ACTION and REACTION which is often told by Prof Muhaya.  So, talking can relieve the tension that we felt from long waiting. One person is talking and others are listening. At some moment,  the sories were funny and hilarious . We felt like laughing .Then, tension released. And you will feel like the time is shortened. Then, you realize that your turn to see Doctor is near. See?

 If I want to add more on this, (Regarding talkative woman's story), I did not realize that the uncle who was waiting silently near me (quite a distant jugakla) was her husband (i strongly think la). The moment the woman's name was called,  she went to pass her handbag to that uncle (suspected husband) and then enter doctor's room. I got a silent shock at that time. He was very unlike her. They are CONTRADICTIVE to each other but contradictive is the one who brings COMPLEMENTIVE. (am i creating new english word? i'll check later). So this is it. The Beauty of life. Miracle of life. Subhanallah..

Just a little bit left from me. talking and to be excessively saying 'nagging (sorry for that ) is synonym with woman. I think everyone agree about this. The person is not called a 'woman' if she does not nagging. More so, if the woman is married and becomes a woman. hhh, maybe i someday will become a nagging woman. ehh?

Suddenly, my post becomes a lengthy one. I hope that everyone who reads this blog might get something to learn from this sharing.

 Just a reminder for me myself and everybody that Try to look from positive side to something that happen to us and try to see the good thing in everyone that bring you closer to the Creator .Because human is the perfect creation of Allah s.w.t.

Lihatlah dengan MATA HATI, bukan mata kasar.

Friday, March 7, 2014

what is LOVE

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

At last I come back to  update my blog since it has been too long time that i neglected it

I dont remember when was the last time i post my story, but i think my english right now is really corrupted + broken into pieces..i'm, sorry to everyone who read this post that u have to go through  headache + nausea + vomiting (signs of increased ICP) kikikiki, but i hope not  

Endure my writing , please :))

Everyone makes mistakes, right?? Like the saying goes " To err is human " So, what is wrong with making mistakes? It makes us learning a lesson that we will be more careful  and not to repeat the same mistakes in the next time , plus  improve ourself .

We learn from yesterday . and yesterday is our past. We learn our past today so that we can moves forward to the future. Everyone aims the BRIGHT future, right??

So , what is my main point actally??

okay. LOVE..

I just want to talk about love by this picture below..hihi

Because everyone knows about LOVE  and everyone can talk about LOVE

No one cant live without LOVE, is it??

Just short entry from me.. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

~learn by heart~

to make things clear, this blog is only a sketch of mind -sebuah lakaran minda / coretan hati-apa2 je la korang prefer to call

By the way,
i would like to continue my last entry entitled "being a student". The points is not so much , juz want to express some couple of words.

I am not so sure this quotes is from Hadeeth or from hukama's sayings : Tuntutlah ilmu dari buaian hingga ke liang lahad.

I remember words from my lecturer " learn from womb to tomb"

Another one is "learn from ur heart"

some words from one book that i've read said that "if u touch or approach person from ur heart , then it will reach his/her heart (in the purpose of teaching/preach-dakwah). I also don't fully understand about this phrase.
In my point of view , if we teach/talk  fullheartedly, then the messages will be sent straight to his/heart . U finally can capture someone's heart, right??

The most important here is the intention and with pure heart .So, from heart ---> heart .Bukan senang nak jadi da'i ni kan?

Insha Allah hati manusia boleh jadi lembut

Batu pun boleh jadi lembut kalau kerap dititis air kan ?

tiba2 point bertukar pasal dakwah pulak (^^)

Back to the original point..being a student.

kesimpulannya, menuntut ilmu takkan pernah habis, never ending till your last breath ..As long as you are breathing, anywhere and anytime you are., learn something.. so that someday what u learn can benefit you, people around and more importantly ummah

U can change the world !(cewah!!)




Being a student

Assalamualaikum ..
 soo long time i have been disappeared from my page..
And now , I appear again..TADAAA!!!!

i'm here to continue my struggle as a STUDENT...

5 years passed, i'm still a student. 5 years passed, still a student..years by years passed, i'm still a student..
so, is everyone realized that we mostly spent our time mostly as STUDENT!!!???

Do we know that many people outside there cannot be able to go to school to learn something about things around them while we here get to learn lots of things ?

thinking like that,i'm very grateful to be a student as Allah s.w.t want me to learn something that can bring me close to Him..Alhamdulillah.
The best knowledge is the knowledge that can make person know Allah s.w.t as the Great Creator.

 learning is not a quick processs that takes little time to make us knowledgeable., but it is a gradual and continuous process and takes long time to make us knowledgeable person.

Even long time it takes, we are still feel lacking in knowledge until we die,,right.?although we know that world knowledge is only a drop of ocean from our God's absolute knowledge.Allahu Akbar, only Him the All-Knowing.

it makes me wonder so many world knowledge that I don't know,

Monday, October 1, 2012

No comment

 Assalamualaikum  n Salam perjuangan smua!!!!

long time no posts..very2 long time since i've been very busy studying and struggling to complete my first year medical course..

Alhamdulillah i've already pass my first year study and now i'm in year 2 , still continuing my study

i will be able to complete my medicine  in 3 years to come..Really2 hope to finish studying so soon .(Insha Allah).as i want to work and collect money, treating my family and friends with delicious food, i can see my parents so often, and then sending my parents for Hajj ,and then...?married? i don think yet..huhu

Being a child to a parent, a member to a many siblings, a student to a teachers and lecturers, a member to a community ..there are a huge responsibilities that one must accomplish..this is a trust for me..I wonder whether i can carry  this trust and do my responsibilities as it should be..May Allah guide me and give me strength for it.

days by days
before today
there are so many events (happy and sad) that happen to me that i could not remember about them.
Because i don't want to remember some of them ..but the one that i do't want to remember was very strong adherence in my memory. .ironically., it makes me remember
wat law is it..?Law of Laplace ? Law of Starling Forces ? Law of Attraction ?I cannot guess..
by the way, the thing that leaves a  very strong effect to us will remain long-lasting in our memory..Am I right?? So? Law of Cause and Effect???
For sure it is all coming from Allah s.w.t..He had been planning something to us..there's reason to why and why dis happend
So that we believe in Sunnatullah..

anyway , i want to talk more but i hav time depletion right this time

just read and don leave any cooment okay ?


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~something to ponder~


firstly wanna say :

something that we are longing for , and then at one time we got chance to get it, but still not enough at wat i mean??

if still not enough, we will still feel satisfied because we try hard to appreciate it.rite??

an analogy to this: you are given pearl by someone,,u really like it !then u take care of it and always look at it attentively.then one day,,u lost it.wat do u feel???of course sad, rite?
but, positively speaking, u will feel satisfied and happy inside because u had a chance to cherish that pearl

so ,

whenever u got chance to spend ur time with ur beloved ones, try to appreciate that moment..
dat's so sweet to recall back when u hav to leave them
believe it or not?

all the things in this world are temporary,only in the hereafter will be eternal and it is Sunnatullah that pertemuan berakhir dengan perpisahan.meeting ends up with is more meaningful when meeting and farewell is for the sake of Allah Taala.

the significance of patience .
patience is the most important value in muslim's life . Only if, we have no patience,, it will be chaos in our daily conduct, especially when encountered with difficulties and problems.
indeed, Allah has promised to always be with those who are Patient.No matter how hard your problem is, bear in mind that Allah will never leaves u and always helping you..

“O you who believe! Seek help in patience and prayer. Truly! Allah is with the patient.” (Verse 153) Surat Al-Baqarah.

“And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Saabireen (the patient). Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return. And they are those who are blessed and they are those who receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided-ones.” (Verses 155 to 157) surat Al-Baqarah.

in short, as reminder for myself and you all, always pray to Allah so that He will grant us strength and patience to cope with all the obstacles and calamities dat befall us.


Saturday, April 28, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Juz want to share
I got plenty of input last night..
from the talk that i attended , given by very determined and impressive person.
the way person talk tells who she is

these are sorts of things dat she said to us that opens our mind and made us think back

~the way u behave tells who u r, way u think tells who u are
~inspiration vs. motivation..big difference
~the problematic person is the one who had plenty of problems,
~migraine person worries thing much (??)
~thought --->emotion--->action--->response..fikiran hasilkan emosi , emosi hasilkan tindakan ,tindakan hasilkan respons.apa yang kita fikir ,bgitulah yang kita buat, dan itulah yang kita dapat.the more u give, the more u get.
~we are spiritual being,,not human being.dat's right
~when we are in front of the mirror. , wat is exactly we? the one who is looking or the one who is being looked??? sounds odd. in malay: bila kita depan cermin, apa sebenarnya kita.?? seseorang yang melihat diri sendiri or seseorang yang dilihat???. dat means seseorang yang melihat diri kita sendiri is spiritual being one.dan seseorang yang dilihat is physical being one.dat's it.
~conscious and subconscious mind. scara x sedar, subconscious mind yang kawal kita (in alpha state).. difficult to explain. but what i understand subconscious mind is when u are imagining of someting or thinkin deeply or trying to visualize ur wish in ur can influence ur life.for example :
*thinking of someone u admire gives strength to u, while thinking of someone u hates most weakened u
*thinking of good thing can brings positive results to u.right??
~belajar utk tahu, bkn belajar utk passs. (esp . medical stdnt.).medicine she said is zero defect business.
~belajar utk memaafkan, n cari yang baik-baik dalam diri stiap orang, bersangka baik dgn orang , don't buzy urself with finding other's faults..eveyone is imperfect.
~think big and be open-minded person.u will get big result
~Be the one who will be known by penduduk langit,not known by penduduk dunia but di langit tidak dikenali
~the happy person is the one who is happy to see others happy.
~All our actions are for the sake of Allah s.w.t.Lillahi taala..dat's important.only for him.if buat untk orang , or utk dinilai orang, we surely get nothing.
~If we have Allah with us, we hav evrything..we don need anything else instead of Him

There are a lot more points that i missed actually.but these r the only things dat i can remember.since i don jot down the points las night. hopefully , these will inspire us to be better than yesterday and improve our life.