Monday, March 13, 2017

A miracle

Salam to all..

At last i decide to post something on my blog since hibernating for many years. Not because i don't want to but i don't like spending hours in front of laptop. My eyes are quite sensitive..huhu.

anyway, i changed my blog title . Truly Miracle. Nice isn't it? If I might tell you, i just want to have something new in my blog as I didn't update  quite long time in my blog..

Ok lah, at least my blog is not as dull as before. right?In life,  we should improve ourselves time to time kan. So that we can progress.yeah..cliche je
So now, what am i supposed to tell you?hmm..Honestly, I am not the person who is talkative like a parrot. Unlike others who will talk easily, continuously and endlessly. I am the preservative type. Is that a correct word to describe?

Talking about talkative, I do remember one person i met accidentally, She was quite elderly la. She likes to talk very much. Imagine from the early morning , from the moment i was there with her, until the clinic close (well, i might be exagerrating. It just until she finished her appointment with doctor) she kept talking and talking . The thing is that, she was just repeating the same stories. She just talked everything that  came out from her mouth. As a young person (well, not so young), I understand her as much as every woman alike .
As for me, the one who is talkative is the one who is friendly. Yes. She was a friendly woman. She greeted everyone at the appointment waiting area (She just greet women). More so, the waiting time for each person to be called by doctor roughly about 4 hours. How can a  person  sit still, right? Plus, the person is a friendly and talkative. So, the long waiting time doubles the talkativeness. haha.  If everybody at that place was like her, the clinic will turn a night market (just kidding hehe).

Well, i don't mean to badmouth her. But i'm telling this because i want to tell you this. Sometimes, TALKATIVENESS can become a REMEDY. I'm sure that everybody doesn't like waiting. Am I right?.Everybody has his/her  unique defence mechanism. So, when we are feeling  tension, we will try to react. It is like ACTION and REACTION which is often told by Prof Muhaya.  So, talking can relieve the tension that we felt from long waiting. One person is talking and others are listening. At some moment,  the sories were funny and hilarious . We felt like laughing .Then, tension released. And you will feel like the time is shortened. Then, you realize that your turn to see Doctor is near. See?

 If I want to add more on this, (Regarding talkative woman's story), I did not realize that the uncle who was waiting silently near me (quite a distant jugakla) was her husband (i strongly think la). The moment the woman's name was called,  she went to pass her handbag to that uncle (suspected husband) and then enter doctor's room. I got a silent shock at that time. He was very unlike her. They are CONTRADICTIVE to each other but contradictive is the one who brings COMPLEMENTIVE. (am i creating new english word? i'll check later). So this is it. The Beauty of life. Miracle of life. Subhanallah..

Just a little bit left from me. talking and to be excessively saying 'nagging (sorry for that ) is synonym with woman. I think everyone agree about this. The person is not called a 'woman' if she does not nagging. More so, if the woman is married and becomes a woman. hhh, maybe i someday will become a nagging woman. ehh?

Suddenly, my post becomes a lengthy one. I hope that everyone who reads this blog might get something to learn from this sharing.

 Just a reminder for me myself and everybody that Try to look from positive side to something that happen to us and try to see the good thing in everyone that bring you closer to the Creator .Because human is the perfect creation of Allah s.w.t.

Lihatlah dengan MATA HATI, bukan mata kasar.

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